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Virtual Geophysics Laboratory

The Virtual Geophysics Laboratory (VGL) is an easy-to-use online portal that provides geophysicists with access to a suite of datasets and analysis tools.

VGL provides online access to a vast array of data from Geoscience Australia and CSIRO, including the entire National Airborne Geophysics Database, and 3D models and data from the Geological Survey of Western Australian.

This e-laboratory has been designed to enable researchers to select data for download or direct processing on the NCI cloud. VGL also accepts many different data types, enabling higher resolution over larger geographical areas and use of 3D model data.


The VGL lab provides:

Online access to a wide variety of geophysical datasets 

Access to specialised geophysics analysis programs
Access to high-performance computing
All in one place



VGL also incorporates a special prototype provenance feature to improve research transparency and repeatability. VGL captures the details of each analysis as it is running on the cloud, including: user and organisation; input dataset; code fragments used; and processing parameters. This tool provides all the information needed to re-run the analysis at a later date.

VGL is a collaboration between CSIRO, Geoscience Australia and NCI, and is funded by the Australian Government’s NeCTAR initiative. It was developed in close collaboration with the geophysics user community and representatives from GA, CSIRO, ANU, Monash, and UQ.

VGL is available online at

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