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The NCI VizLab is able to work with researchers to produce visualisations that suit their datasets. These include numerical modelling datasets, volumetric datasets and others. Ideally, researchers should approach the VizLab team before the datasets are produced, with their application to use NCI’s high-performance computing facilities. Contact for more information.

VizLab also produces several visualisation software packages:


Drishti is a free, open source software package, developed by the NCI VizLab team, that allows researchers to explore and present their volumetric datasets such as tomography data and electron-microscopy data as images and animations. Drishti can be used to explore any volumetric dataset, from the world’s smallest insects to topographic maps of the Australian continent. The central idea of the program is that scientists can use it to explore and present their datasets without extensive training.

In the Indian language Sanskrit, Drishti means vision or insight. It is used all over the world, including by the Natural History Museum in London and the Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania.

Drishti allows researchers to:

  • explore volumetric data in 3D and 4D, allowing for visualisation of a heart beating in real time, for example
  • explore large datasets in excess of 30 Gigabytes
  • enhance visual data with advanced lighting techniques, resulting in more realistic visuals.

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“Drishti is a remarkable, cutting edge research tool which we use on a daily basis.
It is critically important to the work we do.”

Dr Ian Smyth, Faculty of Medicine, Monash University

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Drishti Prayog

Drishti Prayog is a presentation tool that allows users to interact with Drishti-generated visualisations using a touch screen.

Drishti Prayog is a free, easy-to-use resource for museums, schools, businesses, and anyone who is interested in exploring the nature of things.

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  NeCTAR logoDrishti is supported by NeCTAR, an initiative of the Australian Government conducted as part of the Super Science Initiative and financed from the Education Investment Fund.

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