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Scientific Visualisation

The NCI VizLab is an expert team of specialist visualisation programmers with backgrounds in computer graphics and the sciences, working on scientific visualisation as a research tool. The aim is to use the visualisations to gain deeper insights into complex datasets. The VizLab team works closely with researchers from NCI’s partner organisations to help them gain insights from their data in fields such as meteorology, entomology and materials science. These can take the form of images, video animations and interactive interfaces for publication and presentation.

As well as using industry leading visualisation applications such as HoudiniFX for video animation, a key piece of software used in many of the 3D renderings from NCI is Drishti. Drishti is a custom-built software package developed at NCI for visualising volumetric data such as CT scans. It is now available as an open source software package, together with its interactive dataset presentation tool, Drishti Prayog.

VizLab software is used all over Australia and the world, including in films such as Happy Feet 2, Terminator: Salvation and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; as well as in public science exhibitions at institutes such as Questacon, the Natural History Museum in London, the Manchester X-Ray Imaging Facility and the Daresbury Lab Visualisation Facility.

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