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Who can submit collections?

Who can submit collections?

Class Information Acceptance of Collections
Major Partners The collection of organisations that sustain the node – ANU, CSIRO, BoM & GA, can submit by right. *1
Cognate Organisations Organisations aligned with NCI Partner priorities, e.g. ARC Centres of Excellence (Climate Science, Astronomy); NCRIS programs, e.g., TERN, IMOS, AAL. *1, *2, *3
Other organisations An organisation other than major partners or cognate organisations, wishing to propose a collection. *1, *3, *4

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Acceptance terms:
*1 Meets merit/significance, utility and practicality criteria aligned with the collections policy.
*2 Complementing/augmenting other national collections.
*3 Collections must be supported by at least one major partner.
*4 Aligns with the overall value of the collection to the NCI community.

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