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The NCI National Research Data Collection

The NCI National Research Data Collection is Australia’s largest collection of research data, encompassing more than 10 PB of nationally and internationally significant datasets. For more information, including how to access the dataset, click on the dataset name. You can also browse the entire NCI National Research Data Collection at¬†For help email

Data Collection Name Description Organisation
3D Geological Models of Australia A unique collection of 3D structural and geological models and model inputs for Australia and its near shore regions GA
ACCESS-CM 0.25 degrees Simulations Initial spin-up simulations from the new high (ocean) resolution coupled version of ACCESS ANU, UNSW
ACCESS Numerical Weather Prediction Models Meteorological weather analysis and forecast model output from NMOC using the ACCESS Prediction System since 2009; represents BoM’s daily weather predictions. BoM
ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science Datasets Collection This collection includes all the datasets produced and published by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science (ARCCSS) during its existence (2011-2018), with the exclusion of datasets which are part of cooperation projects (for example CMIP5 experiments). ARCCSS
Atmospheric Forcing Products Atmospheric Forcing Products BoM
Atmospheric Re-analysis Products Atmospheric reanalysis and observation data from local Australian and international sources such as NCEP1, NCEP2, ERA40, ERA40c and gridded observation data sets such as AWAP for weather and climate research. BoM, ARCCSS
Australian Bathymetry and Elevation Reference Dataset Australian landforms and seabed topography and elevation data including the 1, 3 and 9 second Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM) datasets and derived products and Laser Inferometry Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) data. GA, IMOS
Australian Data Archive (Social Sciences) 2,500 social sciences datasets from a wide variety of academic, government and non-government organisations in Australia and globally. ANU
Australian Earth Observation Data (Landsat) 30 years of Australasian earth observation data generated by the Landsat satellites. GA
Australian Geophysical Data Collection The most comprehensive publicly available onshore Australian airborne magnetic, gamma-ray, seismic, electromagnetic and gravity measurements. GA
Australian Marine Video and Imagery Collection Archive of seabed video and stills collected on 21 marine surveys between 2007 and 2013 (including from off Antarctica). GA
Australian Moderate Resolution Satellite Products (NOAA/AVHRR, MODIS, VIIRS and AusCover) Earth observation data generated by NASA and NOAA satellites. CSIRO
Australian Natural Hazards Data Archive – Tropical Cyclone, Earthquakes, Tsunami Observational and probabilistic hazard, impact and risk data covering earthquakes, tsunami, floods and tropical cyclones. GA
Bioplatforms Australia Melanoma Collection Whole-genome sequences from 130+ melanoma patients. ANU
Community Atmosphere Biosphere Land Exchange (CABLE) Model Collection Global datasets for comparison of the CABLE land surface model against observational data. CABLE is part of the Australian Community Climate Earth Systems Science ACCESS model. CSIRO, ARCCSS, UNSW
CORDEX Australasia Output from the World Climate Research Programme’s international project to downscale CMIP5 Global Climate Models with Regional Climate Models. UNSW
Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP5) Climate modelling data from the World Climate Research Programme. NCI, CSIRO, BoM
CSIRO Coastal Modelling Products eReefs Hydrodynamic model data products. Collection of various coastal modelling data. They include output from near-real time and hindcast models of hydrodynamics as well as ecological and sediment processes. CSIRO
Digitised Australian Aerial Survey Photography Collection More than 11,000 film negatives, derivative contract prints and diapositives of the Australian and Antarctic landscape captured c.1928-1993. GA
Ecosystem Modelling and Scaling Infrastructure Facility (eMAST) Data Data from a variety of sources including TERN facilities AusCover, Eco-Informatics, the MSPN, and OzFlux for testing of ecosystem models. TERN eMAST, MU
Global Navigation Satellite System (Geodesy) Data Archive Archive of Global Navigation Satellite System data from hundreds of GNSS sites throughout the world, including the Global Positioning System, the Global Navigation Satellite System, BeiDou, Galileo and Quazi Zenith Satellite System). GA
High Altitude Ice Crystals – High Ice Water Content Collection of meteorological data from the High Altitude Ice Crystal (HAIC) / High Ice Water Content (HIWC) field campaign conducted in the Darwin area in the period January – March 2014. BoM
Key Water Assets Murray Darling Basin Plan Draft Report Rainfall and Runoff data; output from the Australian Water Resources Assessment system Landscape model of catchment systems; Bioregional Assessment data. CSIRO, BoM, GA
Models of Land and Water Dynamics from Space Data Collection Data from the Water Observations from Space sub-project of the National Flood Risk Information Portal project, which has systematically analysed every cloud-free Landsat pixel observed between 1998 and 2012. GA
National CT-Lab Tomographic Data Collection Tomographic data acquired since 2001 at the ANU x-ray micro-CT facility including images of fossils, rock cores, grain packings and biological specimens, notably insects and human and animal bone. ANU
National Resource Management data (post-processed CMIP5) National Resource Management data (post-processed CMIP5) CSIRO, BoM
Ocean and Marine Modelling and Forecast Products Ocean circulation and marine wave analysis and forecast model output from NMOC, including tsunami wave propagation model output; represents BoM’s daily forecasting. BoM
Ocean Forecasting Australia Model OFAM (Ocean Forecasting Australian Model) experiment simulating 1993 to 2012 of near-global, with a 10-km resolution (eddy-resolving) ocean general circulation model coupled with biogeochemistry. CSIRO
Ocean Model for the Earth Simulator Re-analysis Datasets Output from the high-resolution global Japanese Ocean model For the Earth Simulator (OFES); 30-year time series on 3-day temporal resolution. ARCCSS
Phenology Monitoring: Near Surface Remote Sensing Phemocam images of cyclic and seasonal variation in biological systems. ANU, TERN
Plant Phenomics Digital Data Repository High-resolution plant growth imaging data. CSIRO
Remote and In-situ Observations Products for Earth System Modelling Weather and ocean data from NMOC; represents BoM’s daily observations and climate model analysis. BoM
Satellite Soil Moisture Products Satellite-derived soil moisture products, from a range of data providers, spanning the last 20-30 years. CSIRO, TERN eMAST
Seasonal Climate Prediction Data Collection Intra-seasonal and inter-seasonal climate analysis and forecast model output from NMOC using the ACCESS Prediction System; represents BoM’s daily model runs and output including climate outlooks and hindcasts. BoM,
Severe Weather Case Studies NCI research data collection of NWP datasets arising from severe weather case studies undertaken at the Bureau of Meteorology BoM
SkyMapper Southern Sky Survey Output from the SkyMapper telescope survey of the entire southern sky. ANU
TERN eMAST Data Assimilation Assimilation of collections of land surface observations, pre-formatted for the DART-x system, comprising model inputs and outputs. TERN eMAST
Tropical Cyclone Scenarios Tropical Cyclone Scenarios BoM
Year Of Tropical Convection Re-analysis Datasets Coordinated observing, modelling and forecasting data for tropical convection, including monsoons and cyclones, over a one-year period. ARCCSS

The NCI National Research Data Collection is supported by the Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI) and the Research Data Services (RDS) Projects, which are initiatives of the Australian Government under the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). The University of Queensland is the Lead Agent.

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