NCI is one of more than 20 projects supported by the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS). These projects provide vital research infrastructure for all of Australia’s scientists, from fabrication to data transfer, environmental management, supercomputing, phenomics and much more.

NCI works closely with many different NCRIS projects, in particular the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre, the Australian Research Data Commons, the Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network, AuScope and more.

Recent high profile collaborations across the NCRIS projects include providing support for COVID-19 and bushfire research activities. See summary infographics of the NCRIS research collaborations below.


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A red and grey stylised image of a coronavirus, with the words “How Australia’s national research infrastructure is responding to COVID-19” above it.
NCI is one of the NCRIS capabilities to offer specialised resources for COVID-19 research.


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A text graphic that reads "Australia's national research infrastructure supports bushfire research, recovery and resilience". The word "bushfire" is in large block capitals with bushfire imagery visible inside the letters.
NCI works closely with out Collaborators and NCRIS partner organisations to support critical bushfire research.