Behind the scenes of the science and the supercomputing, invisible behind the datasets and the virtual laboratories, are the people who keep them running and those who use them for discoveries that improve our world.


Dr Sophie Calabretto

"I love what I do because the problems I work on are challenging. In a field such as fluid mechanics, with a long and proud tradition, there is not really any low-hanging fruit left."


Drew Whitehouse

A visualisation programmer at NCI since before NCI was NCI, Drew has decades of experience producing beautiful videos and images built on scientific data and industry leading methods.


Dr Jingbo Wang

"I want people to know that we are always there willing to help, even though we don’t know the answer yet, but we are passionate to together explore with users."


Andrew Howard

"Collectively we've build a wide range of capabilities supporting global research and science."


Dr Yuanyuan Zhang

"The technologies in the HPC area evolve rapidly and I’m always enthusiastic about learning new stuff."