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American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2014

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NCI presentations:

Dr Ben Evans, Associate Director (Research Engagement and Innovation)
‘Computational Environments and Analysis methods available on the NCI HPC and HPD Platform’ (invited)
Abstract (PDF 150kb)
Presentation (PDF15.6MB)

‘NCI HPC and HPD Platform to Support the Analysis of Petascale Environmental Data Collections’ (invited)
 (PDF 150kb)
Poster (PDF 3.5MB)

Dr Jingbo Wang, Data Collections Manager
‘Large-Scale Data Collection Metadata Management at NCI’
 (PDF 150kb)
Presentation (PDF 7.5MB)

Dr Lesley Wyborn, Adjunct Fellow

‘Collaboratively Architecting a Scalable and Adaptable Petascale Infrastructure to Support Transdisciplinary Scientific Research for Australian Earth and Environmental Sciences’
 (PDF 150kb)
Presentation (PDF 49MB)

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