NCI congratulates the four past and present NCI users who have been announced Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science. 

Current users Professors Dietmar Müller and Igor Bray, and past users Professors Jennifer Martin and Tim Ralph were among the twenty one new Fellows announced today.

Professor Dietmar Müller from the Basin GENESIS Hub at the University of Sydney has been working on understanding geological formations using modelling done on NCI's supercomputer. The modelling is helping us understand the processes that formed our continents. He uses a variety of computer codes to investigate the different processes involved in continent formation, including plate tectonics, mantle flow and surface effects. The ongoing research aims to combine multiple codes in the modelling, to incorporate all the processes into the calculations.

Professor Igor Bray from the Theoretical Physics Group at Curtin University is looking to understand one of the most puzzling questions in physics: where is all the antimatter? Numerical simulations help his research determine the best ways for producing antimatter in a laboratory. With that information, he and his team are able to design physical experiments that investigate the properties of antimatter particles and tell us more about why they are so hard to find in the universe.