National Computational Infrastructure

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NCI Flagship Allocation Scheme

The NCI Flagship Allocation Scheme is designed for projects identified by the NCI Board as being of high-impact or national strategic importance.

Resources available under this scheme include:

  • HPC services
  • Data-intensive (including cloud) services
  • Storage services

Current Flagship Projects

The currently supported projects under NCI’s Flagship Allocation Scheme are:

In all cases, the activities which are supported:

  • Have demonstrated their national significance or research merit through rigorous assessment processes (e.g., the assessment process of the ARC and other external granting agencies), or their association with national research priorities, or have an associated merit-based allocations scheme;
  • Are provided with a block allocation that is internally allocated and managed by the project, and which provides the project with increased certainty of allocation, and an increased competitive edge relative to international peers.

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