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Commercial and Industry Access

Access to NCI facilities and services by commerce and industry is welcomed.

Access is available either:

  • As a Commercial/Industry Partner, (i.e. under contract), or
  • On a Fee-for-Service basis.

The Commercial/Industry Partner Scheme requires a contractual commitment of at least one year, and offers a concessionary rates of access relative to the fee-for-service scheme. A further concession is offered to companies in their start-up phase.

All commercial and industry access requires the parties to sign a NCI Commercial Services Agreement, the substance of which details service provider obligations, client obligations, matters relating to risk, warranty and liability, etc.

  Base Rate Multiplier Conditions and Comments
Start-up companies under contract


Requires a contract for a minimum of one year.


Established companies under contract


Requires a contract for a minimum of one year.


Itinerant rate


A fee-for-service arrangement.

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