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Best Practice Guidelines

Account Management – All Users

  • Use the Mancini self-service system ( to manage your account.
  • Your contact details should be up to date.
  • Always register your official work email address with your account.
  • Sharing your account details or password violates the NCI Conditions of Use.

Project Roles – Lead Chief Investigator

  • The Lead Chief Investigator (Lead CI) is the responsible agent for a project.
  • The Lead CI approves or rejects requests to join the project, and can also remove members of the project.
  • The Lead CI is responsible for keeping the project memberships up to date.
  • The Lead CI is responsible for managing resources allocated to the project.

Resource Allocations

  • Resource allocations on NCI systems are made by NCI stakeholders.
  • Computing allocations are made on a quarterly “use it or lose it” basis. Unused allocations cannot be rolled over to future quarters.
  • NCMAS cannot provide supplemental allocations in 2017 due to the high level of utilisation.
  • Appeals for supplementary computing resources must be made by the Lead CI to the appropriate Scheme Manager(s).

Conditions of Use

  • Users are responsible for complying with the NCI Conditions of Use.
  • Conditions of Use may have changed since your last access.
  • Users should also review and be aware of legal obligations under the Defence Trade Controls Act and the Australian Autonomous Sanctions Regime.

Data Publishing

  • If you wish to publish data please contact the NCI Data Collections group – – for information and advice.

Management of Virtual Machine Instances – NCI Partner Cloud

  • It is the responsibility of the project Lead CI to ensure that any virtual machine instances used by a project are patched with the latest security updates.

Storage Management
Raijin is a shared system, with ~5000 registered users. We encourage you to delete or archive old, unneeded files on the /short or /g/data file systems.

  • /home is backed up on a nightly basis.
  •  /short and /g/data directories are not backed up.

Please take appropriate care to archive files that you wish to keep. NCI User Services ( can provide advice on strategies for backing up your data.

/g/data1 Migrations

  • Migration of /g/data1 project data to the new filesystem is progressing on schedule.
  • Project teams will be notified by email approximately one week before the scheduled migration for the project.
  • /g/data1 users should monitor the migration status of their project(s) at

Acknowledgement of NCI in Publications and Media
It is a condition of use that you formally acknowledge NCI in papers and publications. This requirement applies to projects in all stakeholder schemes: NCMAS, Australian Government research agencies, universities and research institutes.

For NCMAS, the Allocation Committee have advised that acknowledgement in publications will be considered as evidence in support of continuing applications.

If you have publications that were supported by work done at NCI, please contact the NCI Communications and Outreach team on

The NCI user community is our greatest advocate. Your acknowledgement of NCI facilities and expertise in media releases and interviews is vital to maintain continued support for Australian research infrastructure.

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