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Data Access

NCI provides the research community vast, publicly funded data collections co-located alongside petascale computing facilities. This allows researchers to query, analyse and publish datasets without slow and expensive data transfer.

The NCI National Research Data Collection encompasses more than 10 PB of nationally and internationally significant datasets. The fusion of NCI’s high-performance computing and data collections provides a data platform that enables new and innovative ways to access and use data.

The data is managed and catalogued for ease of access and can be used for a range of applications from simple data access to large-scale data-intensive analysis.

Data Access

You can browse the collections via the NCI GeoNetwork catalogue. This provides information about the data as well as how to access it via our data services and, for NCI registered users, directly on the filesystem. In some cases, the datasets have restricted access and permission may be required from the data custodian through the contact details provided.

Please contact if you require any assistance with data access.


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