National Computational Infrastructure


Dr Ben Evans
Associate Director, Research Engagement & Initiatives


Dr Ben Evans is NCI’s Associate Director in Research Engagements and Initiatives. Ben has a PhD in Mathematical Physics from the ANU, studying the mathematical structure of large-scale space-time.  He held the position of Head of the ANU Supercomputer Facility, which managed the precursor to the NCI peak centre – the APAC National Facility.  He also led the national programs in Computational Tools and Techniques, and the National Data Grid.

Ben leads NCI’s activities to improve the ACCESS computational modelling system with the Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO and the ARC Centre of Excellence in Climate System Science. He also co-leads an activity with the United Kingdom Meteorological Office, which has led to improvements in the modernisation and performance of the Australian weather model used for daily operations at the Bureau of Meteorology, as well as research and seasonal climate modelling.

Ben has also led NCI’s activities with Geoscience Australia in regards to Satellite Data Products, particularly from the Landsat and Sentinel satellites. This has led to the Digital Earth Australia activity led by Geoscience Australia, and the Australian agreement with the European Union on the creation of a Copernicus Hub.

Ben leads Australia’s role on the Earth Systems Grid Federation (ESGF), an activity jointly led by the US Department of Energy (DoE), NASA, the European Union’s H2020 program, and Australia. The ESGF underpins the international data fabric for climate simulations and observations that are ultimately used as part of the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report.  The activities of Ben’s group at NCI span the geospatial areas of NCRIS – particular AuScope for national geophysics programs, Astronomy Australia Limited (AAL), IMOS for Marine, and TERN for ecosystems research.

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