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Dr Ben Evans
Associate Director, Research Engagement & Initiatives


Dr Ben Evans is NCI’s Associate Director for Research Engagements and Initiatives and is responsible for driving innovation and development of future capabilities for HPC and data-driven science with NCI major stakeholders, including NCI’s partners, research communities, and national and international collaborators. He leads a team of specialists in data science and data management, computational model and software development, and scientific visualisations, with the focus on harnessing the full power of NCI’s National Tier 1 high-performance capabilities, digital assets, and new innovations to address the ongoing challenges of high-performance computing and data-driven research.

Ben has developed NCI’s strategic programs in Climate, Weather, Environment, and Geoscience, which support research and national/international collaborations across the university and government scientific community. The goal has been to develop the computational and data-intensive science expertise to improve the performance of high-resolution models and provide sustainable research platforms which support both the novice user as well as more advanced science and innovative data analysis techniques.

Ben led the establishment of NCI’s integrated high-performance computational and storage platform which has co-located more than 10PBytes of National Reference Data Collections within an HPC environment, enabling new capabilities to serve and analyse massive amounts of data across the spectrum of environmental collections. This involved the development of NCI’s Data Management Strategy and a program to improve the quality and harmonisation of these large valuable data assets and ensure their suitability for use in the computational models and data-driven science while addressing the need for more advanced informatics to support interoperability across multiple scientific domains.

With over 20 years in HPC, data management, development of scientific computational and data software systems, and research management, Ben’s extensive experience steers NCI’s involvement in a diverse range of national and international projects.  Nationally these include Australian virtual laboratories, such as for Climate and Weather Research and the Geoscience Community, delivering improved performance of the ACCESS model for Australia’s Climate and Weather prediction system. Internationally he leads Australia’s involvement in the Earth Systems Grid Federation (ESGF) which underpins international Climate Research.


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