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Allan Williams
Associate Director, Services & Technology

Allan3Allan Williams has been the Associate Director responsible for Services and Technology at the National Computational Infrastructure since 2013.  In this current role, he is responsible for the delivery of both high-quality and innovative integrated research infrastructure services supporting Australia’s leading researchers. He achieved this through re-building the systems and operational teams needed to deliver Australia’s largest public supercomputer, the world’s fastest research cloud and the southern hemisphere’s fastest filesystems.

Prior to his start at NCI, he was Director of IT Services for the ANU responsible for University Wide Corporate and Student IT services including networking, cybersecurity and telephony.  He has held a number of different roles within Universities and Industry including campus IT Security Manager, contract IT trainer, Unix administrator and Web developer. He developed one of the earliest web sites in Australia (number 800 in the world) and was involved in running a national conference on Artificial Intelligence while studying for his PhD in AI which he did not complete. He holds an honours science degree in Physics and Pure Mathematics and a postgraduate diploma in Computer Science.  At home he is married to a research scientist with three children and is called upon to provide a range of IT support services to local and remote family members with widely varying IT skills.

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