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RDSI Project (2010-2015)

The Australian Government’s 2009‐10 Budget included $50 million to be devoted to the Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI) Project. The purpose of RDSI (2010-2015) was to enhance data centre development and support retention and integration of nationally significant data assets.

NCI is the most highly performing of the eight RDSI nodes, driven by the scale and complexity of the data needs of NCI’s Collaborators (ANU, CSIRO, BoM and GA).

The infrastructure for NCI’s RDSI node was developed over 2011-2015. With $2.3M RDSI funding made available in 2013-14 and a further $3M in 2014-2015, NCI installed 3 PB of storage capacity in its global persistent filesystems over this time. A further 7 PB of storage put in place through investments from NCRIS, Super Science and NCI partner contributions takes NCI’s global persistent filesystem capacity to 10 PB as at 2015. This storage platform is closely integrated with NCI’s high-performance computing environment.

The NCI node of the RDSI network was established with the specific goals of:

  • Making accessible significant collections that are currently held by national agencies
  • Complementing these with other nationally and internationally significant collections, and combining datasets held by research communities into coherent collections
  • Establishing these collections in a rich environment of high-end computational and data-intensive services.

The collection policy is informed by the priorities of the sustaining partners, with a particular emphasis on:

  • Climate and earth system science
  • Geosciences
  • Astronomy

together with life sciences, the physical sciences and the social sciences.

The NCI RDSI Allocation Committee, comprised of NCI Collaborator representatives, NCI staff and independent members, assessed applications for storage space over three rounds in 2013-2014. The submissions for NCI RDSI support were based on data collections, and were assessed by the Allocation Committee to ensure that the scientific merit and major requirements of each collection were strategically aligned with NCI.

More information about the NCI Research Data Collection. 


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