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  • Ever-expanding NCI data services

    Ever-expanding NCI data services

    You will be aware that NCI manages Australia’s largest supercomputer, but did you know that we also play a vital role managing data from the environment, water and geophysics research communities? NCI provides researchers access to an ever-expanding national repository of earth systems, observations, climate and weather, and geophysical reference data (see These include the latest Landsat and Sentinel satellite imagery and Geoscience Australia’s geophysical data products, which are now available to access and analyse at NCI. More significant ... Read More

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    NCI’s GPU infrastructure grows

    NCI has augmented its growing segment of GPU infrastructure with 8 new Pascal P100 GPU accelerators from NVIDIA. These new accelerators represent the next-generation of graphics processors for supercomputing. As evidenced by the rapid uptake and continuing demand for the 120 Kepler K80 GPUs installed in the past year, there is clear interest in the Australian computational research community for GPUs as part of future HPC infrastructure. Certain programs are particularly suited to the strengths of GPUs. Widely used chemistry packages such as VASP, NAMD and GROMACS have all been optimised ... Read More

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