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Monthly Archives: March 2016

  • Plants boost extreme temperatures by 5°C

    Plants boost extreme temperatures by 5°C

    Heatwaves from Europe to China are likely to be more intense and result in maximum temperatures that are 3°C to 5°C warmer than previously estimated by the middle of the century - all because of the way plants on the ground respond to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.This projected temperature increase found by Australian researchers and published in Nature Scientific Reports is more than half the change forecast by the IPCC under the business-as-usual model. The biggest temperature changes were ... Read More

  • Geologists discover how Australia's highest mountain was created

    Geologists discover how Australia’s highest mountain was created

    Geologists from the University of Sydney and the California Institute of Technology have solved the mystery of how Australia’s highest mountain – Mount Kosciusko – and surrounding alps came to exist.Most of the world’s mountain belts are the result of two continents colliding (including the Himalayas) or volcanism. The mountains of Australia’s Eastern highlands – stretching from north-eastern Queensland to western Victoria - are an exception. Until now no one knew how they formed.A research team spearheaded by Professor Dietmar ... Read More

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