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Monthly Archives: January 2016

  • New software installed on Raijin

    New software installed on Raijin

    NCI's User Services team have installed a range of new software on Raijin this month. Here is the list: ansys/16.2 dftbp/1.2.2 nag/fll6i24dcl plumed/2.2.0-me geos/3.5.0 lammps/7Dec15 siesta/3.2 dalton/2016 dalton/2015 molpro/2015.1 payu/0.6 module avail on Raijin to see more applications. NCI User Services can be contacted by emailing or calling (02) 6125 3437. More information on contacting the help desk can be found on the website.

  • The portal to improve user services

    The portal to improve user services

    NCI’s new online registration portal, Mancini, has enabled more self-service capabilities for users.Users can now register, update account details, lodge requests and connect to NCI projects more quickly and efficiently.Mancini is made up of about 25,000 lines of code and has replaced the old email-intensive registration and approval workflows, giving users more control when managing their projects. NCI’s User Services Manager, Dr Roger Edberg, says the system reduces time spent on administration tasks for users and his team.“Before Mancini was in ... Read More

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