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Monthly Archives: August 2015

  • Canberra from space video

    Canberra from space video

    See how the Canberra landscape has changed over the last three decades in this fascinating video created by NCI staff.The video shows 108 images of the Canberra region taken by the USGS/NASA Landsat satellites between 1987 and 2014.The video highlights green vegetation on the ground so differences between seasons and rainy periods stand-out. Look out for the impact of the 2003 bushfire.On-board both satellites was a whisk-broom sensor known as the 'Thematic Mapper' earth observation sensor which can simultaneously image the ... Read More

  • basin simulation

    Basin GENESIS Hub launched

    NCI is the provider of high-performance computing resources for the $5.4M ARC Research Hub for Basin Geodynamics and Evolution of Sedimentary Systems (GENESIS), which was launched on 19 August 2015.The Basin GENESIS Hub will use computer modelling to fine-tune our understanding of the nation’s sedimentary basins, which hold many of the natural resources we use in day-to-day life.The research will be of fundamental importance to the geo-software industry used by exploration and mining companies, explains Hub Director Professor Dietmar Müller ... Read More

  • Young scientist award for NCI researcher

    Young scientist award for NCI researcher

    NCI-supported CSIRO researcher Dr Ravichandar Babarao has received the 2015 Scopus Young Scientist Award in Sustainable Development.Dr Babarao has been using Raijin to search for a carbon dioxide-absorbing material for application in sustainable energy systems.“With increasing usage of fossil fuels worldwide, a huge amount of carbon dioxide is being released into the atmosphere,” Dr Babarao said.“This means separating carbon dioxide from other gases using a suitable technique is an imperative goal.“As the number of nanoporous materials known to date ... Read More

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