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Monthly Archives: October 2014

  • Art + Science = Beauty

    Art + Science = Beauty

    Former NCI employee Jonathan McCabe on his stunning science-inspired computer-aided designs.“I remember seeing this article about the Mandelbrot set in Scientific American in 1985 and becoming really excited about computer graphics,” says Jonathan McCabe.“I had started with simple plotter-based line graphics in the early 80s and ended up creating some more complex graphics and got addicted to it.”McCabe’s new-found passion led him to study at the ANU Australian Center for the Arts and Technology. He then worked at NCI “Le ... Read More

  • New technology takes out top prize

    New technology takes out top prize

    A revolutionary rock sampling technology co-developed by ANU and UNSW researchers using NCI’s supercomputer has won the 2014 UNSW Innovation of the Year Award.Professors Val Pinczewski and Christoph Arns from the School of Petroleum Engineering at UNSW won the award for their contribution to the project.The technology produces digital 3D images and simulations of fluids in rock samples, giving companies crucial information to help them work out the best way to extract oil and gas and was seen as a ... Read More

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