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Monthly Archives: March 2014

  • Matt England NCI

    NCI researchers among Australia’s best

    Eight NCI researchers have been elected to the Australian Academy of Science. Along with just 13 other scientists from around Australia, Professors Michelle Coote, Matthew England, Alan Carey, Rose Amal, Hans Bachor, Peter Gill, Ivan Marusic and Craig Moritz have been honoured for their outstanding contributions to research. “To be elected to the Australian Academy of Science is a true honour and I congratulate all of the new fellows,” said NCI Director, Professor Lindsay Botten. “The fact that eight of the 21 new ... Read More

  • NCI in the news: How supercomputers predict the weather

    NCI in the news: How supercomputers predict the weather

    Originally published in The Canberra Times, Thursday 20 March 2014by Iain Gillespie The spectacular power of supercomputers, which are helping the world's leading climatologists to wrestle with the vexed issue of global warming, is increasingly being used to benefit everyday users of mobile weather apps. For instance, the perpetual question, ''What's the weather going to be like today'', can now be extended beyond the Australian Bureau of Meteorology's popular seven-day forecasts to cover entire seasons. Ask instead, ''What will autumn be like?'' Such ... Read More

  • Network hazard Friday 21 March 2014

    Network hazard Friday 21 March 2014

    Hazard Summary Type: Network Hazard Date: Friday 21 March 2014, 1100-1300 Duration: 2 hours Purpose: Network configuration change within the NCI Data Centre  Affected: External and internal network connectivity to NCI services Dear NCI Users, ANU Networks and Communications engineers have recommended a configuration change within the Ethernet-based networking fabric used at NCI. This fabric is used by all NCI services that provide world accessible services i.e. ssh sessions, web services, cloud services and data transfer operations. The configuration change to the spanning-tree algorithm, used by the NCI’s ... Read More

  • NCI Scheduled Maintenance

    NCI Scheduled Maintenance

    Maintenance Summary Type: Scheduled major downtime Start: Tuesday 1 April  2014, 1700 AEDT (5:00pm) End:  Tuesday 1 April  2014, 2330 AEDT (11:30pm)Duration: 6.5 Hours Purpose:  • Repair of NCI datacentre mains supply transformers by ActewAGL• Quarterly system maintenance activities by NCI staff. Services Affected: • Raijin (Login nodes, Compute Nodes, Queues, Filesystems)• /g/data1 filesystem• NCI Partner Cloud• VMware instances using /g/data1 Dear NCI Users, On Tuesday 1 April 2014, scheduled maintenance will be undertaken to repair the two mains supply transformers feeding the NCI ... Read More

  • Critical mass not needed for supernova explosions

    Critical mass not needed for supernova explosions

    4 March 2014 (originally published Astronomers searching for clues about dark energy, the mysterious force that is speeding up the expansion of the Universe, have uncovered new evidence about the nature of supernovae, finding many are lighter than scientists had expected. The findings, from an international team from the Nearby Supernova Factory project, overturn previous understanding of white dwarf stars and raises new questions about how these stars explode. "White dwarfs are dead stars, the corpses of stars that were once like our ... Read More

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